Compliance and Accountability
Updated 21 Mar 2023

We are committed to protecting your assets, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our values guide us to make decisions that meet our community's needs and have a lasting impact on society.

Our operations are conducted competently and transparently, and are ever-evolving to meet global compliance standards in cryptocurrency. We work with affiliates to ensure our information is accurate, and our platform is secure. We offer services and products to our users that reflect our industry-leading security and credibility.

1. Compliance Management

Our dedicated team of experts ensures that we follow strict compliance standards and protocols. Our team follows a comprehensive compliance management framework, which is overseen by senior management, to identify, assess, execute and evaluate effectively.

It is our responsibility to examine and identify any risks to or regarding our platform, and follow through with any necessary remediation. External risks may refer to those that may arise from outside circumstances, such as incorrect information published by third-party advertisements from Bitget affiliates. Internal risks refer to those that may arise from within our organization, such as unauthorized, inappropriate, illegal, or unethical actions taken by our employees.

In conjunction with our assessments and annual compliance reviews, we work with local regulators to ensure our compliance standards adhere to regional requirements.

2. eKYC

We use extensive eKYC procedures to safeguard our platform and mitigate any potential risk from fraud and illicit behavior. We have established proper sanctions and anti-money laundering policies to ensure we comply with all relevant jurisdictions and prevent counterfeiting or other criminal activities on the platform.

Efficiency is crucial to our Customer Due Diligence (CDD). To optimise the KYC process without compromising compliance, we utilize eKYC technology. This includes enabling facial recognition and auto cross-matching between provided identification and live self-portraits, thus preventing the risk of impersonation. As a result, the identity verification process on Bitget is drastically shortened.

3. Blockchain Analytics

External blockchain analytical tools are deployed to closely monitor transactions on our platform and reduce this risk of fraudulent activities and the appearance of high-risk clients*. Due to the immutability and transparency of public blockchains, we are able to thoroughly examine transactions conducted on our platform.

*High-risk clients include, but are not limited to:

- Clients from certain nations or regions

- Government officials

- Clients from certain industries (e.g., cash-intensive businesses)

Depending on assessments from our Risk & Governance team, we will employ various measures for high-risk clients. This may include seizing assets or requesting more frequent reviews or audits, depending on the circumstances.

4. Cybersecurity

We consult with independent cybersecurity experts to improve the security and stability of our platform. Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments are conducted on our network biannually and, if potential threats are detected, correction is swift.

In addition to the aforementioned tests, we encrypt all sensitive data to prevent theft and unauthorized access or modification. All data that is transmitted or held is encrypted and stored securely in fault-tolerant storage.