Robust Cryptocurrency Indices
Updated 14 Mar 2023

Indices built on stable, dependable data sources

Kraken gives you access to up-to-the-second pricing data with cryptocurrency indices powered by CF Benchmarks. The indices process aggregated trade data from several of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring that settlement prices are reliable and represent a consensus value of your digital assets.

The real time indices and spot rates from this selection of exchanges update every second to calculate a single, comprehensive price. This means you can take positions with the confidence that our price is a consistently accurate reflection of market value. CF Benchmarks is a leading provider of institutional grade indices that promote transparent price information across the cryptocurrency markets.

Ensuring Index and Market Integrity

We provide pricing indices for Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple-XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin through robust methodologies that ensure integrity and real-world replicability. Index methodologies and policies are publicly available, and index families are subject to independent oversight to ensure the utmost transparency and accountability for index users.

Two market views offer double the insight

Real-Time Indices and Spot Rates. Our real-time indices and spot rates are accurate down to the second, with second-by-second updates across all data sources. Our indices and spot rates are compiled from orderbook data from top cryptocurrency exchanges, giving a comprehensive and instantaneous price of aggregate demand for a cryptocurrency. They enable users to mark portfolios, manage risk with minimal chance of manipulation.

Reference Rates and Settlement Prices

Our Reference Rates and Settlement Prices are computed using transaction data from various cryptocurrency exchanges and are updated once a day every day of the year, powering all the Kraken Futures Contracts. The methodologies have been designed to minimize the possibility of manipulation and are the most trusted source of cryptocurrency benchmark pricing. The flagship CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate powers the CME Bitcoin - U.S. Dollar futures contract, the most liquid regulated cryptocurrency derivative instrument, traded on the world’s largest derivatives exchange.